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Kristina Stone


Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Kristina became more discerning about beauty products after becoming a mother in 2015. She uses her social media platform to support greener small businesses. In the pic Kristina is showing some favorite Ecco Bella colors. See below to learn which colors she used and how she applied them.

"I wanted to share with you a raw, unedited clip of today's look that I filmed to show that I'm not perfect. I struggle with speech, and have to correct myself often. Remember when you're scrolling through Instagram and start to compare yourself to what seems like a perfect body, perfect skin, or talented speaker, it is not all what it seems. We are all imperfect and do not have it all together." @kaystonebeauty

Use FlowerColor Foundation in Light Beige.

Apply FlowerColor Cover up in Beige under the eyes.

Use FlowerColor Eyeshadow in Deep Taupe as a contour and on the brows.

For the eyes: use FlowerColor Eyeshadow in Deep Taupe all over eyelid and lower lash and Heather in tear duct blended into the lower lash and under the brow and middle of
lid. (I even used it to highlight my nose!)

Apply FlowerColor Mascara in Black.

Apply FlowerColor Lipliner in Mauve.

Apply FlowerColor Lipstick in Cafe au Lait.