Sally was a volunteer at an organization called Friends of Animals where she met a woman who courageously videoed animal testing in the laboratory at a large personal care products company named Gillette. Because of this video footage, the two activists launched a nationwide consumer campaign with the headline, "I won't buy your products if you test on animals!" It soon became a national rallying cry from millions of consumers and animal rights organizations, forever shifting the consumer's perception of the practices at traditional beauty companies.

Soon after, Sally, a natural entrepreneur with a personal penchant for taking a swipe at those who would harm any living being, launched an alternative brand of beauty not tested on animals to serve the emerging compassionate consumer.

She researched everything from formulas to distribution to create a brand that made it a social mission to combine beauty, compassion, wellness and eco consciousness in every action.

In her research, Sally discovered that companies who test on animals, were also likely to use many ingredients that were potentially harmful or just plain useless. These brands were not respectful of life or their consumers.

Conversely, Sally realized there was a world of plant-based ingredients including powerful nutraceuticals, organic oils, herbs and actives from ethical suppliers. "Every small purchase we each make of products to use on our bodies or to eat, affects not only us, but the entire planet." With that knowledge she reinvented what beauty ought to be, pure, beneficial and sustainable. We source incredible ingredients from this paradise that is our Earth and when we give back to our Earth, we enjoy and benefit from the Eden we were born into."

By sharing knowledge with consumers as to what makes the finest, purest products, Ecco Bella, as a beauty brand became an icon of truth in beauty.