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Red Lip with Neutral Eyes


“For starters, hug your cat. (If you don't have one, you’re missing out.) Then, wash your hands and dry them.” - Sarah Elizabeth Houck

Kick off this look with the FlowerColor Lipstick in Primrose. Begin by applying to middle portion of your top lip, then opening mouth, apply to side corners, and then proceed with bottom lip, being careful to stay inside the line of your natural lip outline. Press and rub lips together.

Apply FlowerColor Natural Liquid Foundation in Light Beige. Press a small amount of the foundation—a little less than the size of a pencil eraser—onto a small cotton round. Proceed to apply to any under-eye dark areas, to the skin surrounding your mouth and chin, to the T-zone, and to any additional area of your skin that may need coverage.

Apply FlowerColor Blush in Wild Rose. You can use the flip side of the same cotton round to gently collect enough blush color to apply in a circular motion to your entire check, including your jaw line. Look at the size of a pomegranate in relation to your cheek, match accordingly, and apply in this fashion. You can apply this blush to your temples as well. Use the remaining blush to erase any potential makeup line on your jaw by drawing the cotton round down over the jaw line to blend the color into your neck.

Apply Powdered Eyeliner in Charcoal. With your brush, lightly apply this product to the bridge of your eye, above your eyelid, in an arch-like fashion. In addition, a small amount can be brushed onto the very outer corner of your eyelids.

Apply FlowerColor Eyeshadow in Fawn. Using the tip of your finger, or a brush, apply to cover the entire eyelid. Then continue to apply under the arch of your eyebrow. If you have more of a straight-shaped eyebrow, apply underneath the outer 3/4 of your brow, or in a direct straight line underneath it as a highlighter.

For this next step we’ll use the Charcoal Powdered Eyeliner again. This time, you will use it as an eye liner. Very gently, wet the tip of a cotton swab with water, and gradually collect some of the eyeliner powder on the very tip. Use this to line the very bottom of your eyelid. You may also choose to line the outer corners of the top of your eyelid. If you have darker tones in your hair, apply any remaining product to your eyebrows to sharpen the shape of them.

Apply FlowerColor Natural Mascara in Black. Begin by applying to your upper lashes, then the middle portion of your lower lashes, or entire lower lash portion on the bottom, if you prefer. Three light coats of this will produce the best result, allowing each coat enough time to partially dry in between coats.

Add one more light coat of blush, if needed, and a re-touch of the lipstick, and you are on your way!

Beauty tip: Stay beautiful inside and out.