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France de Griessen

france-de-griessen.jpgPhoto by Tim Elighton, assisted by Brigitte Lucie Bressolles


France de Griessen is a singer-songwriter, pluridisciplinary artist and animal rights activist. Her music has been featured on the soundrack of Bruce LaBruce’s 'L.A Zombie' starring François Sagat and Virginie Despentes’s 'Bye-Bye Blondie' starring Béatrice Dalle and Emmanuelle Béart. Her second album, 'SAINT SEBASTIEN' intricately combines indie-rock, romantic punk, blues and folk. In parallel to her musical activities, she acts, writes, directs, draws and paints watercolours which are regularly exhibited in the independent and institutional circuit.

“I use Ecco Bella Ivory Porcelain foundation on tour as well as for my photoshoots. A little tube goes a long way, offers perfect coverage and looks very natural and fresh. After a wild rock show, it stills looks absolutely perfect ! I had been searching for a great vegan foundation for a long time and this is the best product i have ever used.” - France