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Live the Wonder of a plant-based lifestyle.
It’s simple really. When you focus on a plant-based lifestyle, lots of very cool things start to happen. Besides the nutritional benefits for your health and wellness, our animal friends are saved, the planet is healthier, you feel better and you smile a lot more. A great way to start is with pure, clean, healthy beauty products from the wonders of nature that will empower you with confidence and beauty from the inside out. Live the wonder.
Pioneers in clean, cruelty-free beauty.
What is now a trend, is a movement we helped create. We began out of protest to the use of animals and chemicals for products. It was hard to believe this was happening. We told consumers and they demanded that beauty companies stop testing on animals. But testing continues! Let’s be scrupulous in our purchases and never buy anything where animals are being used for collagen, for nutrition or for any beauty product!
You don’t want chemicals on you or animals harmed.
We feel the same way and have created our formulas as though from the finest garden, using high-tech vegan science with clinical results, letting animals live in peace. 
Many of you love our creative packaging solutions. 
We are an early adopter of glass and recycled paper packaging with refills. There is still more we want to do. Every day we ask our suppliers to develop the bio-materials needed to be fully sustainable. 
We know that not everyone is vegan.
But vegans are a group who are growing like weeds. That’s better for animals and for the planet. Join us if you are plant-curious or just demand the highest ethics for beauty products. All are welcome.

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We answer to a higher calling! 

We are a vegan woman-run company.

We respect every living being’s right to happiness, a standard we express in our products and how we treat each other.

By the way, our free from list is longer than most:

Gluten-free, dye-free, talc-free, animal-free, synthetic preservative-free, petrochemical-free.

What a relief, right?

Sally Malanga, Founder

"Since we created the pollinator garden, upon awakening, I walk to each window of my bedroom and gaze out at the tall plants to see what is in bloom, how the sunlight casts its rays on the leaves and mulch, noticing what’s vivid and what is hidden in shadow and wondering how the pollinators found this garden."