Ambassador Tamara Shahan - Part 1

Tamara Shahan

In this photo I used Deep Cleansing Gel, Age Antidote Day Cream with Ecco Shield,
Purity Blush, Fawn and Smokey Mauve Eyeshadows, and Natural Foundation.


For many years my focus was mainly on my children staying healthy and strong. Now that they are grown, I have enjoyed coming back to myself, living healthy and blooming at 56. Thank you, Ecco Bella, for being a part of my life through the years.

Here are some of my tips for enhancing inner and outer beauty:

  1. Have Ecco Bella set up a skin care regimen for you. I use their entire skin care line with excellent results.
  2. Most of the time I go about with Ecco Bella Brown Mascara (my favorite), and Age Antidote Day Cream with Ecco Shield.
  3. When using makeup, remember that the natural look is most flattering. I blend the colors I am using. I do not use a full face of foundation. I just blot a little Natural Foundation on needed areas.
  4. For a little glow dust on Ecco Bella FlowerColor Blush in Purity.
  5. Eat organic and whole foods and drink good clean water. This helps balance hormones and helps hair and skin. Walk daily and get fresh air.

Tamara Shahan, CHN, is a certified holistic nutritionist, Christian, wife, & mother. She specializes in children on the spectrum and cancer patients, with much research and study in immunology, toxicology and microbiology. At 56 she feels blessed to be very healthy, have good skin, great eyesight, her natural hair color, and a positive outlook on life.