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Tamara Shahan

In this photo I used Deep Cleansing Gel, Age Antidote Day Cream with Ecco Shield,
Purity Blush, Fawn and Smokey Mauve Eyeshadows, and Natural Foundation.


I was so thankful to find Ecco Bella when I did. I am pleased to recommend Ecco Bella as a clean product to women who deserve to feel pretty after and during extreme cancer treatments. It really does matter what you eat and what you are applying to your body. All of us are deeply affected by dangerous chemicals and not enough nutrition. Here are some more of my tips:

  1. When you want to accentuate the eyes: go easy on mascara and avoid thick eyeliner. This keeps eyes looking bright and innocent. And curl those eyelashes! Try a little light color eyeshadow—such as Fawn—on the brow bone line and at the center of the eye lid. Add a little Smokey Mauve toward the corners. I also like to emphasize the eyebrows every now and then with the Seal Eyeliner Pencil.
  2. I like to treat myself to Ecco Bella Water-Free Vanilla Lotion and Bourbon Vanilla Parfum. Very nice!
  3. Stress, anger, and resentment all affect health and beauty. So pray daily, count your blessings, and find a place to serve others and make a difference. Learn to forgive and make amends. You will glow and heal. Oh, and laugh daily!

Tamara Shahan, CHN, is a certified holistic nutritionist, Christian, wife, & mother. She specializes in children on the spectrum and cancer patients, with much research and study in immunology, toxicology and microbiology. At 56 she feels blessed to be very healthy, have good skin, great eyesight, her natural hair color, and a positive outlook on life.