AVEGAN Skin Care

  • imagePlant Based protein
  • imageVegan
  • imageCruelty-Free
  • imageGluten-Free
  • imageOrganic Ingredients
  • imageNon-GMO
The best of healthy beauty.
We believe healthy beauty comes
from the inside out. To achieve that, we invite
you to discover our clean, pure, plant-based
skin care and supplements. Nutrient rich to
work wonders on your skin and your life.
Live the Wonder.
Detox Cleanser

Live Clean.

Lift away impurities like makeup and daily toxins without stripping your skin of its natural moisture.

Live Restored.

Replenish those precious ceramides that you wash away daily, while you sleep night after night. We guarantee it will work like a dream!

Restore Night Cream
Balance Toner Vitamin Spray

Live Radical Free.

An instant moisture boost and vitamin spray to revitalize and protect your skin from free radical damage.

Live Collagen Strong.

Double your skin care benefits with beauty from within. No animal or marine collagen, only healthy plant-based nutrients to boost your collagen production while supporting a healthy immune system.


Richly colored nutrients to enrich your beauty.

Science has proven the benefits of eating a diet rich in plants of all colors, vibrant greens, purples, reds, and oranges. Now our plant-based patented and proven ingredients can give your skin the healthy, nutritious diet it deserves. Guaranteed!

Live the wonder of vegan science.
A beautiful innovation.

Our revolutionary FortiSomes delivery system is vegan science as its best. Microscopic liposomes encapsulate and protect the deeply pigmented, patented plant-based nutrients that are time-released to be the most effective to transform your beauty.

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Meet Sally Malanga | Founder

As a health and wellness advocate, the buck stops with me—much to your benefit!

I research everything about our products, which are both vegan and performance-based. My standards are high and I guarantee you will always feel like you made out well with your purchase. For you, the animals and the planet!

Here I am in my pollinator garden, a favorite stomping ground for me, the birds, butterflies and bees. I also use it as an educational site for students and fellow residents who have all walked away with plants for their own gardens!

When not communing with nature, I love to go on international vegan adventures using my HappyCow app. I can’t get enough of hiking and swimming in beautiful places.

How about you?