Earn & Redeem GeniusPoints as you better your beauty and the planet.

SPEND    EARN $1 = 10 points
REDEEM 1000 GeniusPoints = $10 COUPON


Becoming a beauty genius at earning points couldn’t be easier. As an Intelligent Beauty, you’ll discover lots of smart, rewarding and simple ways to earn your Genius Points. Create an EB account and start earning Genius Points right away on every purchase after that.

Discover the many ways to earn Genius Points
Every Purchase
Every Purchase
Earn 10 Genius Points for every $ you spend.
Every Purchase
Tell A Friend
Earn 1000 Genius Points for every referred friend. And your friend gets a 25% off coupon.
Every Purchase
Your Birthday
Earn 1000 Genius Points on every B’Day. (Dates less than 30 days out will be awarded next year)
Every Purchase
Social Sharing
Earn 200 Genius Points for being social on FB & T.