Week 1 - Grooming

EB Bridal Beauty Program: 1 Week Before Your Wedding

Week 1 - Grooming


If hair removal is on your agenda, now is the time. Doing this seven days before the wedding reduces the risk of visible bruising or redness. Tweezing brows is tedious but effective and some say less stressful to the delicate eye area.

What about other areas? Shaving lasts only a day and you don’t want prickly legs on your honeymoon. Should you wax or should you sugar unwanted hair?

Waxing is a tried and true method but there is risk of an operator burning the client with wax that’s too hot. (It’s happened.) Also, double dipping with the applicator has proven to be a risk for exposure to bacteria. Waxing can pull out stubborn hair, but in addition to sticking to hair, it also sticks to skin, which makes it quite painful.

Sugaring is less aggressive to the skin as it only sticks to hair, not to skin. There is no double dipping. The operator only uses one wad of sugar for the client and doesn’t go back into the spot without clean hands to retrieve another if needed.

No matter what method you choose, make sure you don’t tan afterward or use a hot tub. You don’t want to have a rash on your wedding day!

The day before the wedding is the time for your mani-pedi. You already know to pull your keys and payment out of your purse before the polish goes on! Also make sure to wear sandals to your appointment to reduce the risk of wrecking your polish. It takes longer to dry than you think. The top layer may be dry but the layers underneath my not be.