Week 3 - Trial Hair and Makeup Appointments

EB Bridal Beauty Program: 3 Weeks Before Your Wedding

Week 3 - Trial Hair and Makeup


When it’s time to “try on” your wedding-day hairstyle and makeup, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Natural or Glamor?
If you choose a more natural look, have your artist concentrate on soft neutrals (FlowerColor Eyeshadow in Fawn, Earth, Clay and Heather) and light contour rather than a heavily contoured look. If the dress is opulent and you still want a more natural look, consider a classic red for your lips. FlowerColor Lipstick REDvelation or Good For You Gloss Passion will add just the right boost to ensure the dress doesn’t overpower a soft, natural look.

If you prefer a glamorous look, try and refrain from a night club look. Line your eyes with Ecco Bella Soft Eyeliner Pencil in Velvet, highlight with an Ecco Bella Shimmer Dust to capture light on cheek bones, and contour away! Do stay away from vibrant colored eyeshadow. If you feel naked without it, use it only as an accent.

Hair can make or break a bridal look. If your dress has a high neckline, consider having your hair up to elongate your neck. If you want your hair down, make sure your hair is in good condition and consider strategic flowers or jewelry to elevate the look.

Pulling It Together
Your hair and makeup should be complimentary to your dress. You are investing a lot in wedding photos and you want to be happy with the pictures you see.