Week 5 - Accessories

EB Bridal Beauty Program: 5 Weeks Before Your Wedding

Week 5 - Accessories


Choose accessories to complete your look for your wedding day. The finishing touches make your look your own. Consider where accessories are needed and what can be omitted. Omitting is just as important as acquiring the perfect accessory for your bridal attire. It’s all about showcasing you!

  • Jewelry sets the bride ablaze if done correctly. If the neckline on your dress is ornate, skip the necklace and maybe add a lovely bracelet. If the neckline is simple you can add a statement necklace.
  • Hairstyle will dictate the earrings. An updo looks best with drop earrings and obviously hair jewelry since you won’t be wearing your veil all day long! If your hair is down, stud earrings are a great compliment that won’t compete with flowing locks.
  • Body accessories such as shoes and undergarments are all about the fit. Bride’s shoes are the most fun to choose, but you will be wearing them all day long so choose wisely. Undergarments can make or break your look. Choose nude undergarments to accentuate your assets.
  • Don’t forget the perfect clutch to keep your favorite Ecco Bella lipstick close for easy touching up.

Bringing your accessories to your dress fitting will help you see how truly lovely you are going to look on your wedding day and even help you edit if need be.