Glossy Red Lips

Glossy Red Lips


“I’ve always been a fan of red lips because that was my mother’s signature look as I was growing up.

My usual makeup looks are very minimal with an emphasis on either my eyes or lips, and preferably without foundation if I can help it. So if I’m choosing not to use founda>on, my skin needs to look healthy and smooth. Lately I have been focusing on skin care instead of caking my face with makeup. I believe that this shiA is necessary to maintain my skin for the long run so that there is no drooping or spots where they aren’t supposed to be!

What I love about Ecco Bella is that their products are vegan and cruelty free. With ingredient lists that we can all read, it shows that Ecco Bella’s focus is on us—their customers. Offering clean makeup products and skincare allows us to be our best selves without worrying about harmful chemicals that could possibly be on our skin.” - - @Strutwithsusan

Apply one pump of Ecco Bella’s Natural Night Rebuilder Cream to prep your skin for makeup application. Allow it to soak into your skin before moving on.

Line your top lash line and ¾ of your bottom lash line with the Soft Eyeliner Pencil in Seal. I chose this color because I wanted it to be a softer look, whereas a black liner would be too harsh.

Apply the Flowercolor Blush in Wild Rose onto your cheeks with a light hand.

Top the REDvelation lipstick with the Good for You Gloss in Passion.

Beauty tip for healthy skin: moisturize every day and don’t skimp out on your nightly skin routine!