Products that do more for le$$.

Whether it’s at home or at the office multi-tasking is something you pretty much do automatically. So why should your beauty products be any different?

Here are a few Intelligent Beauty suggestions that are all natural multitasking performers.

EB Natural Leave-on Invisible Exfoliant and Blemish Remedy

You want products that are rich in both anti-aging & anti-blemish powers. Using products that do more for you saves you time and money. EB Natural Leave-on Invisible Exfoliant and Blemish Remedy not only smooths out wrinkles it also diminishes bumps, roughness, and blemishes anywhere on your face and body. Just one bottle can accomplish all that, because of its unique properties.

FlowerColor Foundation

How many products does it take to even your skin tone, treat your skin, and providing eco-protection? Why buy multiple bottles when you can buy just one? FlowerColor Foundation perform triple duty: quenching your skin like a moisturizer, evening your skin tone with a hint of natural color, and providing eco-protection. Did we mention that its formula of organic herbs and vitamin E rejuvenate, protect, and soothe skin, too?

FlowerColor Shimmer Dust

What does it take to dust on some glow across your face and highlight your eyes through all four seasons. What if we told you it could take just one product? Give this a try: Pick your favorite shade of FlowerColor Shimmer Dust. This gem is both eyeshadow and face powder.

FlowerColor Lipstick

Let's talk lips. Are you using different tubes for lip balm and lip color? No need. When you select lipstick that relies on natural, organic soothing ingredients and not harsh petroleum-based options, you get a lipstick like FlowerColor Lipstick that thinks it's a lip balm. You can drench your lips in even more love with Vitamin E Lip Smoothers.