4 Travel-Ready Tips for the Beauty on the Go

4 Travel-Ready Tips for the Beauty on the Go

17th Jul 2017

4 Travel-Ready Tips for the Beauty on the Go

Sometimes Beauty needs a break.  We are not suggesting that you stop your skincare routine nor prying your favorite lippie from your hand. You, need a vacation, a weekend getaway, a staycation, an overnight at the Shore, or a classic week-long trip to the destination of your dreams. There’s plenty of solid research on the benefits of time off for your health, your productivity, and your focus.  We want to talk to you about beauty on vacation.

Carry-on your beauty essentials
Whether you’re flying or road-tripping, come prepared. Travel can leave you feeling wilted. Tuck a small pick-me-up like EB’s Mist-On Toner mini into your handbag or other carry-on, (don’t forget security rules, it must be in a quart-sized plastic bag). One quick spritz will perk you and your skin right up; and the mini-sized bottle is a perfect travel companion.  Also, keep your Vitamin-E lip smoother close at hand. You’ll ward off dry, chapped lips with a bit of color to boot.

Don’t skimp on skin care
You’re saving on space. We get it. Your skincare routine isn’t something to sacrifice, though. Travel can be tough on your skin. Keep pampering it! The good news is your favorite VitaminCells Skin Care products come in a two-week, travel-ready kit that’s just perfect for the occasion.  Inside the eco-friendly beauty bag, you’ll find six of your favorite skin care products in handy travel sizes. Plus, there’s still room to tuck your makeup and other essentials!

Stick with your favorites
You’ve got an enviable stash of gorgeous FlowerColor eyeshadows, liners, blush and lippies. Who can blame you? You just don’t need to bring them all with you on vacation. As you’re picking and packing your outfits for your trip, decide on which look complements most of them and then tuck those make-up products in your bag. Hint: neutral, carefree looks like Tracy Anderon’s Earth look are vacation ready! Don’t forget, EB’s Refillable Paperback Duo Compact nicely holds your combination of two FlowerColor eyeshadows and a blush, which helps you minimize the amount of space you need in your bag.

Sun essentials
At some point on your trip, whether you’re lounging on the beach, shopping in a fabulous outdoor market, kayaking on a lake or hiking the trail, you’re going to be in the sun. Your two-week travel kit has a mini Day Cream complete with our Ecco Shield, a blend of titanium dioxide and VitaminCells that help protect the skin from the effects of the environment.  Our FlowerColor Natural Liquid Foundation has Ecco Shield too. Use both to boost your benefits. Don’t forget to pack your favorite, wide-brimmed hat and your sexiest pair of sunnies! (For more on our thoughts about Natural Beauty and the sun, read this: Are You Fueling This Health Craze.)

That’s it! You’re set and ready to hit the road. We want to see your vacation pics! Pick one of your favorites and tag us on Instagram @eccobellabeauty and use the hashtag #EBOnTheGo.