7 Steps to Contour Like a Pro

7 Steps to Contour Like a Pro

23rd Jan 2017

We’ve got a secret. A few well-placed strokes of the right products can transform your face. If you haven’t tried your hand at contouring, keep reading. We promised you a step-by-step guide to getting it right in. By the time you’re done with these steps, you’ll be ready to show off high, stunning cheekbones, a more slender face and big, beautiful eyes.
The secret to beautiful contouring is to set up the proper products. You’ll need:

Pull back your hair. You’re going to blend different shades of foundation up to the hair line. This look is a good excuse to put your favorite hair band or wrap to work.

Wash your face. You’re creating a work of art on your face. Start with a clean, blank canvas. Wash your face with Deep Cleansing Gel.. If you’re pressed for time, a spritz of Natural Mist On Toner and Vitamin Spray will do the trick.  

Prime the canvas. Start by balancing your skin tone with a thin application of your regular foundation. Use a blending brush, sponge or your fingers to work the foundation up into your hair line and down around your jaw bone.

Highlight. Using a clean blending brush or your fingers, apply the lighter hued foundation to the areas of your face that the sun would hit: Center of your forehead, along the top of your brow lines, along the bridge of your nose, the apples of your cheeks,  cupid’s bow, and the center of your chin.

Lowlight. A bit of sun kissed highlight needs to be balanced with sun cast shadows. Apply the darker foundation to the spaces that would naturally be a bit darker on a bright sunny day: right below your hairline, on the right and left sides of your forehead (near the hairline), along each side of your nose, in the hollows of your cheeks and along your jawline on both sides (from ear to tip of your chin.)

Blend well. This is the tricky part. You want to blend your foundations without muddying the look. The goal is to create a natural look without moving the colors out of the areas you placed them. Use your fingers, sponge or a brush to blend the edges together. You want to avoid harsh lines of division between the light and dark shades.

Set it. Sweep face powder on to help set and finish your look. Use a light hand to apply a powder closest to your natural skin tone.

Finishing touches.  If you’re headed out for a night on the town, or a special event, sweep a bit of Shimmer Dust in Sun or Moon across the sun kissed areas you highlighted earlier.  Complete your look with your favorite eye makeup, blush, and lipstick. If you go with a bold lip, try a more natural eye look and vice versa.
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