Are You Fueling This Health Craze?

Are You Fueling This Health Craze?

26th May 2016

To our activist eyes, there currently appears to be a sunscreen craze. Like many notions relating to health, the repetition of a statement, in this case, that the sun causes wrinkles and skin cancer by so-called experts moves personal care companies and consumers to the extreme, when a balanced approach is smarter….and less stressful!

Yes, the sun’s rays do cause photo aging, but people are now smearing sunscreen chemicals SPF 2 to 50 from face to feet, on themselves and on children, chemicals that we are not confident are safe. The higher the SPF number, 30, 45, 60 means the higher percentage of sun absorbing chemicals in the product.

Even worse sunscreen chemicals like oxybenzone are destroying coral reefs.

In addition, all sunscreens need to be reapplied. All products wear off over time. As a practical matter that is difficult to do and as the chemicals wear off or a absorbed into the body, the consumer is no longer protected.

Here is our best suggestion.

Make the sun your ally.

Give yourself twenty minutes in the sun for vitamin D production, bone regeneration, anti-depressant benefits and to set your sleep cycles.

Use a non-chemical, non-nano shield of titanium or zinc, stay out of the bright sun all day, or cover up with clothing and a hat. Here is an article we found helpful: Sun Light, It’s Amazing Effects on Physiology

We never believed that it was acceptable to bake in the sun for hours, exposing delicate skin to the rays bearing down from the sky while relying on a sunblock, unless that block is pure white zinc or titanium oxide slathered all over your skin, several times. And even that seems ridiculous, just cover up!

Think red and yellow. There are many plant based materials that decrease the sun’s photo-aging effects that we use in Ecco Bella products. The powerful shields produced by the carotenoids; lutein, lycopene, astaxanthin and beta carotene are our favories because the colors are so gorgeous. Also, there is titanium dioxide, there are iron oxides and vegetable oils.

In Ecco Bella products we have always utilized titanium dioxide, an inert and simple oxide that stays on the surface of the skin.

We realize that our Age Antidote Day Cream with VitaminCells and Ecco Shield is meant to be applied in the morning and rarely will our customers reapply it. We also know that many of us will place a foundation over it, which provides further environmental protection. We are satisfied that the product will continue to serve our customer’s needs as it always has.

We hope this clarifies our position on sunscreen and SPF.

 If you have questions call or write our Natural Beauty Gurus from our contact us page.