Pro Tip: Prep Your Skin like a Make-up Master

Pro Tip: Prep Your Skin like a Make-up Master

31st Jul 2017

Pro Tip: Prep Your Skin like a Make-up Master

Listen up, Gorgeous. We’ve got a secret to share with you. If you want to look as though a pro applied your make-up for you, you need to include a facial mist in your skin prep routine. A good base is all about the mist. Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, read these step-by-step directions for a skin prep routine that would make a professional make-up artist proud.

Fresh-faced canvas
Every Intelligent Beauty knows that the secret to any look starts with clean, radiant skin. Cleaning your face should be a regular part of your beauty routine. EB’s Natural Cleansing made with gentle corn and coconut cleanser is enriched with VitaminCells. It glides over your skin, leaving it pristine and silky smooth, without stripping or drying.

Moisturize and protect
A good day cream is a cornerstone of any solid skin prep routine. It’ll leave your skin dewy and smooth, which in turn helps your makeup glide on evenly. Take it one step further. Using a double-duty product like EB’s Natural Age Antidote Day Skin Cream will not only nourish skin, but also protect it from stress, environmental aging, wrinkles and sun damage. There’s a reason Tracy Anderson has called our skin cream “the most magical skin smoothing primer” she’s ever seen. 

Your clean, fresh face doesn’t need heavy, thick coverage. A lightweight formula that offers excellent coverage, like EB’s FlowerColor Foundation, is the way to go. FlowerColor Foundation also includes Ecco Shield, a blend of titanium dioxide and other pigments that help protect the skin from the effects of the environment. You know that means? You can even out your skin tone, moisturize it, and protect it all with one product.

All about the face (powder)
A soft brush of powder will set the product you’ve put in place. You know by now that we’re big on multi-tasking products and our FlowerColor Face Powder is no different. It’s exclusively formulated with extra skin care benefits from green tea extract, flower waxes, aloe vera and vitamin E.

It’s all about the mist
If you haven’t been using a product like EB’s Mist-on Toner Vitamin Spray, you’re missing out. A quick spritz at this stage of your skin prep routine will set the powder for long-lasting, finished look. That’s not all:  Don’t leave the house without tucking a bottle in your bag. A quick spray of Mist-on Toner throughout the day will refresh your make-up and yourself! On those hot summer days, a bit of mist will have you feeling cooler and refreshed. In the colder months, it’ll help keep your skin hydrated and happy.  (We’ve got a mini bottle just perfect for your on-the-go needs, by the way.)  Added bonus: You can also spray a bit of Mist-On Toner just after you apply your Day Cream; it’ll boost your moisturizer’s ability to hydrate where it most needs to and tone the oilier spots at the same time. The result will be a clean, natural glow.

What do you think, Gorgeous? Ready to let your inner make-up artist loose and kick off your routine the way the pros do? Just make sure you snap a selfie and share it with us on Instagram. Use the hashtag #EBSkinPrep! Be sure to tag us @eccobellabeauty.