Spring Is About Renewal - That Includes Your Beauty Products

Posted by Stephanie Deline on 15th Mar 2014

Here at Ecco Bella, we savor Spring. It's a time for awakening, rebirth, and of course, gorgeous colors, from the blossoming flowers to the blooming trees. We incorporate our love and deep respect of nature into our products in many ways. Not only do the colors in Ecco Bella cosmetics present a wide range of shades from deep roses to bright orchids, but we actually use waxes from flowers themselves in our products. You can't get much closer to nature than that.

Our formulas are lovingly and carefully created using the safest ingredients and minerals found in nature, and we take care to exclude FD&C dyes, petroleum products, and artificial fragrance, among other toxins found in many cosmetic lines. Instead, we choose to fill our stunning makeup with ingredients that are truly beneficial and healthy for you and the environment. These include the delicate wax that coats real flowers (an Ecco Bella signature- we're the only ones who use this innovative and exceptional ingredient), organic jojoba oil and organic calendula oil, to name a mere few.

So you can take comfort that while Ecco Bella offers all the freshest Spring shades, we also keep our formulas as fresh and clean as a pure Spring breeze. Perfect for continuing your green beauty routine, and the best choice possible if part of your Spring cleaning includes a renewal of your beauty products.

So now that you know that Ecco Bella cosmetics are truly a breath of fresh Spring air, what shades should you choose for Spring? We'd like to suggest a selection from our superb Ecco Bella FlowerColor lipsticks. Pink Rose is the exact color of its namesake. Beautiful, soft and pigmented, this is the perfect color to reach for if you're a fan of pinks. Peach Rose is a stunning warm peachy shade, perfect for those who prefer the warmer side of the spectrum. Creamy, lasting and vibrant, these lipsticks paint the perfect picture of Spring, naturally. Top Pink Rose with our Ecco Bella Pleasure lip gloss, a rosy-orchid shade, and finish Peach Rose with Peace, a shimmery peach gloss, for a boost of shine.

For cheeks, we suggest our Ecco Bella Peach Rose blush for the Peach Rose look, and Orchid Rose for the Pink Rose look. These stunning blushes are pressed (so no mess!) to bring a blissful bounty of rich color to your cheeks. A swipe of FlowerColor Shimmer Dust in Moon or Star on cheekbones would be the crowning glory of your fresh, dewy look, bringing out the Spring Queen in you!

We invite you to experience all the clean, vivid beauty Spring has to offer. Awaken your senses by stepping into the season of rebirth with a fresh new perspective and a natural new look.

Ecco Bella wishes you bliss, beauty, and the happiest Spring ever.